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  • 29Aug

    Did you know that by calling a special 1-800 number you may qualify to receive $500 from the American Opportunity Act?  By providing your Social Security number, date of birth and other personal information, in just 4 weeks you will receive a Visa Check card ready to be loaded with money.  Sound too good to be true?  Well it is!

    Scam artists are continually misusing real information in an effort to steal beneficiaries’ money and their personal information.  There is no program called the American Opportunity Act that just gives away money.  But as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, parents and students can qualify under the American Opportunity Tax Credit to pay for college expenses.

    We encourage people to never give their personal information out to strangers.  This type of information is used to not only commit identity theft but also to commit medical identity theft as well as stealing money from the health care system in the form of Medicare fraud.

    To learn more about our California SMP and how you can prevent Medicare fraud and abuse, see our Medicare Fraud section.

    Posted by Karen Fletcher @ 10:10 am

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  • tracii Says:

    well I just received my intuit debit card and it was loaded with $500.00. THe card came on a Monday and the money was loaded two weeks sister gave her info and received her money also. we did not have to call a 800 number we gave our info to someone who works for the program. I would suggest u make sure the person actually works for the IRS.

  • Anonomous Says:

    My fiance had a friend tell her about this and so she called the number that they provided her. They got back to her about 4 weeks later which was today, Asking her some information as well as asked her to fill out a form and send it to them through fax. I then looked online and found this article as well as a few more and told her about it. She then called the lady back and she asked what it was about, the lady said that obama put in place that they are giving a credit for people who are in college, and it’s offering 500 dollars to people that attend college. When she asked her what if she does not go to college the lady responded with “It does not matter, I will not be checking in on it”. So then my fiance told her that she will be reporting her for fraud and the lady just got completely crazy on her. My fiance then hung up on her and the lady called back stating that “I will delete you from this and it is not fraud”. My fiance stated “It is fraud if it is for college students, and I tell you that I do not attend college and you tell me it does not matter and that you are not going to tell anyone or look into it.” She then tried to argue and my fiance hung up the call once again.

    Now tell me that this is not weird! Mind you “Today is SUNDAY also” I didn’t know that companies related to the IRS are open on Sunday’s at 4:30 PM.

    The number this lady called from is from Sacramento CA, And is as follows.


  • chuck Says:

    my brother called me on yesterday to tell me about this program “American Opportunity Credit” I spoke to a woman who is actualy takes information and process the applications she told me I would get a check for $1000.00 since I am a student, she even emailed me an ap and a flier. how can I find out if this is the scam or not? she gave me her cell phone and office phone as well

  • Jack steely Says:

    I was given a form to fill out and fax to a out of service number. Then I was told to go a office on century blvd & van ness and drop form in mail slot. Or a man would be there between 12 & 12:30 and I could give it to him. Its real fishy but im going to go and see what type of person this is .

  • Karen Fletcher Says:

    Hi Chuck,
    I’m just going through the messages that have come through our blog and saw your question. I suggest you call the Office of Inspector General fraud report line at 1-800-HHS-TIPS. If you have Medicare, call our Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) helpline at 1-855-613-7080.

    Thanks Chuck!
    Warm regards,

  • ajays mama Says:

    My uncle told us about this number to call as well 916-424-4282 and they asked some for your ss# address, phone number and if you worked or filed taxes for 2011 and if you had not then you qualify for the $500.00 from “Obama”. Well needless to say this number spread like wildfire and numerous people have called it…embarrassingly so did I. More out of curiosity for me. Anyway after you qualify then you are to fax a copy of your i.d. to another 916 prefix. Well I found the company address online and I put it on google earth and it zoomed right into a playground in an apartment complex in sacramento. There is also a new name for this company but I couldn’t understand it from the voice mail left by the message on the 916-424-4282.

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